Construction steps for building a house pdf

This Instructable contains my plans and method for building a boat. It is written as a  journal. Experts, please feel construction steps for building a house pdf to constructively correct and participate. Credit where credit is due.

There are many people who post their designs, ideas and plans on the web for free use  by others. Thanks, no new wheels have been invented here. OK, All my life I wanted to build a wooden boat. The task always seemed too big or too complicated.

My Instructable is a bit of a tribute to Verga. I rate his as recommended reading and as a mandatory study project for those wishing to have a first go at boat building. My version of his boat can be seen in one of the posts. Verga  got me thinking, reading and wanting to design and build my own boat,. I’m pretty good at doing a basic design and then making things as I go. You build to a method, but the angles, cuts and lengths are finalized as the boat comes together.

748 screws, hot dipped gal ranging in length mostly 8Gauge x 18mm, 32mm and 50mm- used as appropriate for the materials being fixed. I didn’t bother with Stainless steel, which will rot away just as quickly as gal screws if they’re imbedded. 78 individual pieces of timber. Enough to cover the bottom of the hull.

Home made long flat sander. With 40 and 80 grit. Important note- which I’m sure you will know already. Don’t use power tools or chemicals unless you understand the safety implications. High doses of Saw dust are known to cause  lung damage and cancer,  You only have one set of eyes, and sadly my hands have one or two extra scars from the construction of this boat. I drew and drew lots of sketches. I created cardboard templates for the centre rib and the transom to guide me in their making, and identified a nice piece of timber for the stem.