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Annual vaccinations come under scrutiny Are changes in the wind? These days, for convenience and budgets, some owners forego the exam and take Fido or Fluffy to a pet supply store or a low-cost clinic for a jab of protection against rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and other canine diseases. But change is in the wind. Research shows that vaccines have a longer term of effectiveness against disease than previously thought, and some veterinary colleges have published homeopathy an a to z home handbook pdf vaccination protocols that suggest three-year intervals after the initial shots and a 12-month booster.

The changes may be a welcome, but they can have hidden dangers if pet owners forego the annual exam as a result. Fido needs that checkup even if he is fully protected against disease by last year’s vaccination. An increase in knowledge about the canine immune system and more information about the length of time that immunity is conferred by particular vaccines have prompted veterinarians and researchers to question the yearly booster for adult dogs. As a result, several universities have changed their vaccination recommendations and both the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Animal Hospital Association have published changes in their vaccination guidelines. We are making this change after years of concern about the lack of scientific evidence to support the current practice of annual vaccination and the increasing documentation that over-vaccinating has been associated with harmful side effects,” said the announcement of a new vaccination protocol at the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. According to the AVMA policy statement approved in 2001, the annual revaccination recommendation found on many vaccine labels is based on historical precedent and US Department of Agriculture regulation, not on scientific data, and in cases where data has been provided, there are still questions about the duration of immunity provided by the injection. Furthermore, there is evidence that some vaccines provide immunity for more than one year and that annual boosters may subject the dog to events such as suppression of the immune system, development of autoimmune disorders, or vaccine-site infections.

The AAHA recommendations approved in 2003 echo the same concerns about too-frequent vaccination and encourage owners to work with their veterinarians to devise a health program that takes into account the diseases that are a problem in the pet’s environment. Although there is a growing concern over vaccine frequency, there is no doubt that vaccines control diseases that can kill puppies and dogs and protect individual dogs from illness and death. According to an article in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association in 1995, concerns about too-frequent vaccination center on the potential for vaccines to trigger autoimmune diseases in susceptible dogs. Data is scant, but suspicion is growing, according to Dr. Schultz of the University of Wisconsin Department of Pathobiological Sciences. I am a strong advocate of vaccine use,” Dr.

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