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We iron gate design catalogue pdf over 3,500 items in our Wrought Iron Components range. In this section of the site most of of the most frequently ordered products are represented. Contact us if you have a requirement that is not listed.

Collaboration Reinvents Access Chamber Installation For Improved Safety, Quality and Time Saving. Mechanically jointed cast iron drainage system for above ground soil, waste and vent and internal rainwater systems. Pipes are manufactured using the De Lavaud process producing pipes with high mechanical and impact properties and easier to cut. Coatings:3 metre Pipes:Externally coated with a black alkyd paint. Internally – two-part epoxy lining, ochre in color.

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Fittings:Internally and externally with a black water based paint. Range of push-fit heritage sockets for traditional appearance. 8m lengths in 100 and 75mm to support traditional market. Ideal solution for external soil stacks.