Lenovo n1996 motherboard manual pdf

No more lenovo n1996 motherboard manual pdf important software updates! The database recognizes 1,746,000 software titles and delivers updates for your software including minor upgrades. Download the free trial version below to get started. Double-click the downloaded file to install the software.

The Premium Edition adds important features such as complete software maintenance, security advisory, frequent minor upgrade versions, downloads, Pack exports and imports, 24×7 scheduling and more. Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it. You can choose your language settings from within the program. O channel for connecting your own circuits to PC. The PC’s parallel port can be used to perform some very amusing hardware interfacing experiments. The port is very easy to use when you first understand some basic tricks.

This document tries to show those tricks in easy to understand way. WARNING: PC parallel port can be damaged quite easily if you make mistakes in the circuits you connect to it. This is not the only way to connect things to a parallel port. The parallel port data pins are TTL outputs, that can both sink and source current. In ordinary parallel port implementations the data outputs are 74LS374 IC totem-pole TTL outputs which can source 2. 6 mA and sink 24 mA. 5 volts and ground, with the output coming from the connection between them.

6 mA figure is for ordinary LS-TLL circuits used, the LSI implementations used in many computers can give more or less. UM82C11-C parallel port chip can only source 2 mA. When taking current from PC parallel port, keep the load low, only up to few milliamperes. I have had in cases where too much load has made the parallel port IC very hot.

5V on and the printer port data pin set to 0. This circuit gives you capability of of driving more current than the “sinking” approach. You need to be careful with this circuit, because with this circuit you can easily fry the parallel port if you do things wrong. Set all datapins to low level. Set all datapins to high level.

Set datapin D0 to high level and all other datapins to low level. Every bit of the binary number control one output bit. The following table describes the relation of the bits, parallel port output pins and the value of those bits. I have also written a more feature rich program to control. O port control program for Linux.

Setting pin state through the device driver interface follows all the same rules as described above. The ioctl commands used are “PPDRV_IOC_PINSET” and “PPDRV_IOC_PINCLEAR”. Querying pin state through the device driver interface follows all the same rules as described above. The ioctl command used is “PPDRV_IOC_PINGET”.

That diode will then protect against overvoltage spikes and negative voltage at the same time. Well it’s NOT, and in fact its a BAD PRACTICE if you want the parallel port to work well! Ground NOTE: This is a bad design. Do not build or use this circuit. The problem of the circuit is that the voltage which goes to the relay is always limited to less than 4. 5V even if you use higher Vcc supply. This means that with maximum of 5.

1V control voltage you will get maximum of 4. The opto-isolator is there to protect the port. Note that there are no connections between the port’s electrical contacts. The circuit is powered from external power supply which is not connected to PC if there is no need for that. This arrangement prevents any currents on the external circuits from damaging the parallel port.