Obama victory speech 2008 pdf

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On June 3, 2008, after the Montana and South Dakota primaries, he secured enough delegates to clinch the nomination of the Democratic Party for President of the United States. Obama’s vice presidential running mate had been a subject of speculation since the end of the primaries. On August 21, 2008, Obama announced that he had made a selection for his running mate, but would not reveal until August 23 who it was. Obama’s campaign encouraged supporters to sign up for a text messaging system that would alert them the moment he announced his choice. Bayh ’08” ticket that were being printed in Lenexa, Kansas. Three sources close to a local printing plant reported that such material was being produced.

On July 24, 2008 he gave a speech at the Victory Column in Berlin before a crowd of estimated 200,000 to 240,000 people. The first presidential debate was held on Friday, September 26, 2008 at the University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi. This debate was held in a traditional debate format. The second presidential debate was held on Tuesday, October 7, 2008 at Belmont University, in Nashville, Tennessee.