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Compare Files with ‘Diff Doc’ Comprehensive Document Comparison Tool File Comparison for PDF, DOC, TXT, RTF, XLS, PPT etc. Now you can have it with ‘Diff Doc’ – your one-stop document comparison solution for file comparisons of all types. Diff Doc’ is a powerful yet easy to use print pdf with highlighted text or file comparison and remediation tool.

You can also compare folders to see exactly what files have changed before running a detailed file comparison. Diff Doc’ can display the file differences in two possible views, ‘All In One’ or ‘Side By Side. Lastly, there is a large selection of report types and options available for sharing the differences found with your peers. Diff Doc’ is the best document comparison tool you’ve never tried – until today! Click here to download and get your free trial. Compare documents and see for yourself.

Our document comparison utility works the way that all software ideally would – accurately, quickly, simply and affordably. Diff Doc’ was built to make file comparisons a quick and easy saving you time. Powerful Command Line File Comparison Command line capability is fundamental to ALL of our software tools. We are always here to help you implement our software. File Compare Features Compare at the word or character level. See comparison side by side or all in one.

Choose any portion of any document and compare it against any portion of the same or different document. Word to word or letter to letter comparisons. See clearly what changed in a sentence, down to the letter. View differences with both ‘Side By Side’ and ‘All In One’ views. Change the colors and formatting used to highlight the document changes.

Windows Explorer, Desktop and Find In Files. Use the Right Mouse click to initiate. Explore paragraph differences in rich detail. Compare text from any application by cutting and pasting into ‘Diff Doc’.

Save any view in DOC, Text, RTF or HTML format. Create detailed HTML Reports for quick and easy printing and e-mailing of results. Both Side By Side and All In One compare reports are supported. Run Text and Comma Delimited reports. Use the drop down list box to jump to a specific difference. Compare folders first, then quickly see what files are different and compare them with a mouse click. Adapt software functionality for all languages.

As a Novelist, I have been using and depending on DIFF DOC for years. During the arduous editing process for my novel “Season of the Dead” this software saved me so much time as a comparison tool between myself and my editor. The color coding makes it very easy to use and identify changes. The support has always been excellent and the pricing for what you get makes this product not only a powerful tool, but also a great value. Their product linedoes everything they market it to do and they are loyal to their return customers. I highly recommend Soft Interface for their products and as a honorable vendor. Great customer service, prompt attention to our requirements and lightening speed development has been my experience with the staff at Softinterface Inc.

It seems to pick up all of the differences in the documents, and it does a good job of displaying those differences. We like the easy to use interface. That is why we bought it! I am very happy with the software. It does exactly what I need it to do and it is configurable to my preferences. I really don’t have anything negative to say about it. It is more affordably priced than other software I looked at and does the job – just what I hope I can say of software.

I had no difficulty with the transition. Your products are very impressive, easy to use and script compatible, for what we desired in the management of MS Word and Excel files. Thank you for your continue contact with me in regards to these tools. Time tested for your demanding requirements. Are you a member of one?

Let us know, we would like to help. 1 in 3 Fortune 500 companies use our software. Diff Doc’ is compatible with Office 97 through Office 2016. Yes, we’ve been at it that long!

A brief overview of how our document comparison tool is used. Diff Doc’ has powerful capabilities described in more detail below. Explore the functionality of each tab below. There are 3 and up to a maximum of 4 editor boxes displayed. You can see the differences between the Original and Modified editors within the Diff editors. The first step to comparing is to load both the Original and Modified editors either by selecting files, copying and pasting data, or composing new text.