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Please shorthand english question papers in pdf this error screen to 158. English poet, the inventor of a revolutionary system of shorthand and later a significant landowner.

Byrom was descended from an old genteel Lancashire family. Ralph Byrom came to Manchester from Lowton in 1485 and became a prosperous wool merchant. The property was then used as an office for market tolls, with accommodation on the upper floors. The Wellington Inn, now a major tourist attraction, has a plaque in the bar area which commemorates his birth. His privileged background enabled him to obtain an excellent education, including The King’s School, Chester, and Merchant Taylors’ School, London. Byrom invented a system of shorthand and, having perfected this, returned to England in 1716.

Some of the inhabitants of Manchester tried to persuade him to set up a medical practice in the town, but he decided that his abilities were insufficient to pursue a medical career and resolved to teach his shorthand system instead. On 16 June 1742, His Majesty George II secured to John Byrom, M. His system of shorthand was posthumously published as The Universal English Shorthand which, although superseded in the nineteenth century, marked a significant development in the history of shorthand. He lived here from time to time, but seems to have largely resided in a town house in Manchester and at Kersal Cell. Byrom had several children, but his favourite was his daughter Dorothy, known as Dolly.

The delighted Dolly reminded her father of his promise each day as Christmas grew nearer. On Christmas morning, when she ran down to breakfast, she found several presents awaiting her. Among them was an envelope addressed to her in her father’s handwriting. Although Byrom is probably best remembered for this Christmas carol, he was regarded by his contemporaries as a poet and a literary man. Most of his poems, the best-known of which is My spirit longeth for Thee, were religious in tone. Byrom did not lead an ordinary provincial life. He was a member of the Royal Society while Sir Isaac Newton was president, moving in some very influential social and intellectual circles in London and elsewhere.

Modern research has revealed him to be something of a man of mystery. In the first place there is the question of his political views. But who Pretender is, and who is King, God bless us all! Byrom died in 1763 and is buried in his family’s private chapel, which is now known as Jesus Chapel in Manchester Cathedral, Manchester, England. His library of books and manuscripts was donated to Chetham’s Library by his descendent Eleanora Atherton in 1870.

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