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And what do we mean by gender anyway? It’s thirty and a half excuses free pdf surprising many people are feeling confused. Frankenstein at 200In 1818 the world was introduced to an entirely new kind of monster when Mary Shelley published Frankenstein: or The Modern Prometheus. Tor two centuries, her creation has stalked the stage, then the screen, inspired art, and filled the pages of countless sequels and comic books.

We already produce enough food to feed everyone on the planet. The verdict on Sir John A. As celebrations of Canada’s 150th birthday continue to fade into the background, the controversy around Sir John A. This special episode of Ideas puts Canada’s first Prime Minister on trial for ‘crimes against humanity. The ‘trial’ of Sir John A.

Macdonald: Would he be guilty of war crimes today? By the end of the Cold War, liberalism had emerged triumphant around much of the developed world — until the recent rise of populism in Europe and the U. Suddenly, the political landscape is looking ominous. Ken Dryden on changing the idea of hockey”Game Change”, the book written by NHL legend, Ken Dryden, is on one level about the increasing number of concussions hockey players have.

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