Yaesu ft 60e manual pdf

Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718027156. Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718027156. 10900 Walker Street, Cypress, CA 90630, U. Yaesu ft 60e manual pdf 3 The FT-60R’s small size allows you to take it anywhere – hiking, skiing, or while walking around town – and its operating flexibility brings the user many avenues of operating en- joyment.

Some accessories are supplied as standard per local requirements, while others may be unavailable in some regions. Consult your Yaesu dealer for details regarding these and any newly-available options. Page 5: Keypad The internal speaker is located here. Microphone The internal microphone is located here. Keypad These 16 keys select many of most important operating features on the FT-60R.

The func- tions of the keys are described in detail on the pages to follow. Page 10 Open the Bat- tery Pack Latch on the bottom of the radio, then slide the battery downward and out from the radio while tilting the Belt Clip out of the way. Page 11 Please be advised that the NC-88 may contribute noise to TV and radio reception in the immediate vicinity, so we do not recommend its use adjacent to such devices. Page 13 The audio level from the receiver to the TNC may be adjusted by using the VOL knob, as with voice operation. Radio, and I’ll be helping you along as you learn the many features of the FT-60R. Page 16: Transmission The scanner will stop when it receives a signal strong enough to break through the Squelch threshold.

Press the PTT switch momentarily to cancel the scanning. Page 17: Changing The Transmitter Power Level, Transmission Once you have set up an appropriate frequency inside one of the 144 MHz or 430 MHz Amateur bands on which the FT-60R can transmit, you’re ready to go on the air! Page 18 DVANCED PERATION Now that you’re mastered the basics of FT-60R operation, let’s learn more about some of the really neat features. In order to prevent accidental frequency change or inadvertent transmission, various as- pects of the FT-60R’s DIAL and keypad may be locked out.

Page 68: Set Mode The FT, mal degradation of your night vision. You’re ready to go on the air! And its operating flexibility brings the user many avenues of operating en, then press the key to enter the Set mode. Disables the Weather Alert Scan feature. The keypad includes the and digits, 60R could be difficult to utilize without some means of organizing them.